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Cancelation and Refund Policy

Business Correspondent once choose our available offers/plans showed by erechargebyte website and he/se agrees to pay and buy that offer/plan in erechargebyte, such type of payment is not refunded by erechargebyte under any circumstances. As per applicable law, please note that buying erechargebyte’s plan is irreversible process.

After payment of selected package erechargebyte should create User activation on our system after successful KYC verification of such Business Correspondent. Business Correspondent unable to complete his/her KYC, erechargebyte will not create user details of such Business Correspondent. Business Correspondent should mandatory verify/complete KYC process in order get/register erechargebyte Services.

After complete successful verification of KYC documents of user we create a user id in our portal for that user. In erechargebyte portal transactions are failed due to any reason directly attribute to erechargebyte. erechargebyte has received related confirmation/information from the payment gateway, within 3 to 21 days. Then, we automatically refund that amount to business correspondent. Date of transaction and a confirmation mail will be sent to Business Correspondent registered email id or available in their user portal.

Please note that, excluding payment gateway charges, business correspondent will receive actual transaction amount will be refunded with all applicable taxes. However, in some cases business correspondent has received a successful confirmation of his/her payment, but not received services, then BC is required to submit a complaint to our support email id from your registered email id with us. erechargebyte should enquire the matter after receiving the complaint and then erechargebyte may refund that payment. erechargebyte shall not be responsible for any other consequences liability failed services on our system.

Business Correspondent should accept this refund policy is subject to all terms and conditions mentioned in website of the Business Correspondent/user/retailer/distributor/master distributor with erechargebyte.

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